miércoles, 27 de junio de 2012

Sukhoi SU-80 Transaero

The Sukhoi 80 is a new short-haul aircraft for regional airlines. The famous Russian design bureau Sukhoi, best known for their high performance fighters, designed the aircraft. The SU-80 is their first passenger aircraft. The aircraft was build by the Kamsolsk-upon-Amur aircraft production association, in the eastern part of Russia. First flight of a 24 seats model took place on 4 September 2001. After this, the aircraft was stretched by about 4 feet, to make room for 6 more seats, arriving at the 30-seat aircraft it is now. Operation can take place in any weather condition, during day and night and from unpaved runways. Add-on FSCOF/FS9, Autor by Robert Versluys,  panel by Dieter Linde,  Texture by Gustavo La Cruz

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