sábado, 23 de junio de 2012

FSX/FS2004 Socata TBM 700 N2771EE

FSX TBM-700. This is Michel Migaud and Cyril Breton's Socata TBM-700 modified for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The TBM700 was originally developed in partnership between Socata (Aerospatiales General Aviation division) in France and Mooney in the USA, hence the TBM designation. The two companies formed TBM SA to build and market the TBM-700, with development responsibility for the project divided on a 70/30 basis between Socata and Mooney respectively. The first of three TBM-700 prototypes first flew on July 14 1988. French certification was granted in January 1990. Shortly after the delivery of the first production aircraft in December 1990, Mooney withdrew from the program, leaving Socata with full responsibility for the aircraft. This aircraft includes the original 2D and 3D panel.. Textures by Gustavo La Cruz

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