lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

Dornier DO28 YV-2708P Sol de America

FS2004 Dornier 128-6 “the unfinished” – in it’s current TU Braunschweig layout. Detailed Gmax rebuild with completely instrumented flyable VC though with FS2002-style levers and unfinished interior. Just about all that moves on the real thing moves accordingly here. Further improved flight characteristics using the FS9 turboprop model now featuring properly flat-rated PT6A-110 engines. Treat this bird nicely and it will treat you well also. Disregard it’s few limitations, gmax design by Antonis “Anthony” Konstantinidis Panel,most gauge programming, soundset and flight dynamics by Mathias Elsaesser. Texture by Gustavo La Cruz.


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